There is a six-step process which firms and the Chartered Banker Institute will complete in collaboration.


Step 1 - Diagnostic

The Chartered Banker Institute will run a diagnostic tool, based on the criteria, to assess where a firm is on its pathway to Corporate Chartered status. If firms meet the criteria, they progress to Step 4. 

Step 2 - Action Planning 

For firms which do not yet meet the Corporate Chartered criteria, the Institute will work with the firm to develop an action plan. The diagnostic and action plan, once complete, will be assessed by the Institute which will confirm that the firm is ‘working towards’ Corporate Chartered status. 

Step 3 - Process Checks

Regular, supported checks by the Institute's Relationship Management Team on progress with action planning. 

Step 4 - Assessment and Verification 

There will be a two-stage assessment and verification process carried out within the Institute. The Institute's new Board of Trustees will be kept appraised of Corporate Chartered awards. 

Step 5 - Award and Recognition

Firms working towards Corporate Chartered will be recognised in the following ways:

  • A certificate confirming a commitment to professionalism
  • Media coverage

Firms achieving Chartered status will be recognised in the following ways:

  • The Chartered Banker Institute’s mark (with accompanying rules of use)
  • A certificate presented by the Institute’s President at a high-profile event
  • Extensive media coverage 

Step 6 Review

Organisations will be awarded Corporate Chartered status for 5 years with annual and on-going reviews during that period to ensure that the criteria continue to be met.