Firms will be charged an annual fee to engage in the Corporate Chartered framework. 

The fee includes:

  • Access to the detailed criteria for Corporate Chartered set out within the diagnostic
  • Consultancy approach to action planning
  • Regular progress checks and on-going support for action planning
  • Annual monitoring
  • Celebration and promotion – differentiated for ‘working towards’ and Corporate Chartered status 
  • For those firms who have been part of the CB:PSB and wish to maintain the Foundation Standard, the price of the Foundation Standard is included in the fee.


The annual fee does not include professional services such as qualifications, accreditation, membership and CPD. 




Annual Fee

Tier 1

15,000 and >

£30,000 +VAT

Tier 2

1,000 – 14,999

£15,000 +VAT

Tier 3

< 999

£5,000 +VAT