The Corporate Chartered Framework is expressed in ten statements, covering advocacy, values, and knowledge and expertise, that firms seeking Chartered status must demonstrate:

Professional Advocacy

  • Senior leaders publicly support and endorse the value of professional qualifications, and maintenance of professional expertise and conduct, supported by professional body affiliation and membership

  • A key decision-maker (board, executive member or similar) actively supports and has responsibility for professionalism across the organisation

  • Chartered Bankers proudly advocate membership

Professional Values

  • The organisation has a code of conduct aligned to the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct

  • The organisation makes a commitment to use Corporate Chartered status, which recognises the importance of banking professionalism, in internal and external communications

  • Individuals demonstrate their professional values via commitment to a code of professional conduct and maintenance of professional expertise, supported by professional body affiliation and membership

  • Individuals and the organisation actively support progress towards and achievement of Chartered Banker status

Professional Knowledge and Expertise 

  • The organisation actively promotes the value of professional qualifications and maintenance of professional expertise supported by professional body affiliation, membership and continuing professional development

  • Individuals demonstrate their professional knowledge and expertise by gaining appropriate professional qualifications including those offered by the Chartered Banker Institute

  • At a senior and experienced level, individuals and the firm actively support routes to Chartered Banker