Support during COVID-19

  • 14 December 2020
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As the months of restrictions, albeit necessary ones, continue to roll by, COVID-19 is taking its toll on both physical and mental health. For many, working harder or longer to cover colleague absence or meet increased demand from clients or customers has been exhausting, while others may be struggling with the aftermath of the virus – so-called ‘long-Covid’. Still more of us are feeling the effects of stress, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety. 

Along with others in the industry, the Chartered Banker Institute has stepped up, supporting members to navigate the rapid changes we’ve seen as the pandemic unfolds. Our vulnerable customer campaign, for example, shone a spotlight on different types of vulnerability and how organisations are supporting those most in need. We’ve also provided insight into the acceleration of digitisation in banking and the growing interest from customers, regulators and the government in green and sustainable finance – a theme that will become increasingly important as we focus on rebuilding societies, economies and businesses post-COVID-19.  

Delivering the skills and training that matter 

Specifically in response to the pandemic, we also launched our Lockdown Learning Page and coronavirus hub, both designed to help bank colleagues as they respond to the pandemic. The hub offers guidance and support on areas such as wellbeing and homeworking, while the Learning Page provides new skills and refreshers on areas such as change management, leadership and supporting the vulnerable. Our new e-learning module ‘Supporting customers in crisis’, is just one example, especially designed to help members identify need and provide the most appropriate support. It’s part of our commitment to deliver the professional training that is most relevant to our membership in an evolving industry. 

Despite the restrictions on in-person events, our networks have continued to deliver professional and personal support to members both in the UK and overseas through virtual forums. In addition, many members have established their own ways of keeping in touch. Whether it’s sharing best practice, looking for answers, or simply checking in with one another, the pandemic has highlighted the true value of these connections. 

Supporting those in need 

With many current and former bank colleagues and their families also facing their own issues and challenges, the Bank Workers Charity (BWC) has played a key role in recent months, providing valuable guidance and assistance to those in need. Always on hand to support those working in banking who are facing change, whether that’s through digitisation, regulation or societal shifts, the BWC has created a resource dedicated to helping bank workers and their families through the COVID-19 crisis. Information, advice and support is available on a range of issues, from physical and mental health, to relationships, domestic abuse and financial hardship. 

As well as providing support to individuals and families, the charity also continues to support banks themselves to prioritise the wellbeing of their employees. By providing training and programme support, the BWC is helping the industry maintain high standards. With the focus on supporting customers and clients through the pandemic, it’s important not to lose sight of our own wellbeing needs and those of our teams. By making self-care and employee wellbeing a priority, we will be best placed to serve the communities that depend on us. 

More details about the support offered by the Bank Workers Charity, can be found here


Find out about the Chartered Banker Institute’s free, comprehensive e-learning module on vulnerable customers and how to support them.