My career journey: Theo Ceres

  • Theo Ceres
  • 17 August 2021
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Theo Ceres qualified as an Associate Chartered Banker in March this year and is currently undergoing the Corporate and Commercial Banking Apprenticeship at Santander. 

Over the next coming months, the Institute will be sharing a wide range of career journeys from our members to highlight the varying amounts of career paths many in our sector have taken, and to reinforce that there is no such thing as a “typical career path”. 

We asked Theo to discuss his experiences within banking so far, read his thoughts below;  

“I’ve really enjoyed the mix of work and learning on my apprenticeship. I’m able to learn more about the industry through my weekly study day and then apply my learning in a corporate environment. 

I have been surprised by how quickly I have been able to transition from school to the working world. This was a challenge, as the two are so very different, but I think that this forced me to mature quickly, and I have adapted well.   

I have also been surprised by the variety of roles and opportunities within the banking industry. It has also been reassuring to see the level of support offered to me by my colleagues and fellow members of the industry. Everyone is always happy to answer a question or to have a quick chat. 

Having achieved my Chartered Banking qualification, the next step for me is to complete my final rotation and the degree element of my Apprenticeship. I then hope to be offered a permanent role with Santander. Looking into the future, I hope to use the skills, knowledge and experience that I have gained, to work in the banking sector here in the UK and abroad. I also think that it is important that I use my experience to support new entrants into the Banking industry, through mentoring, presenting and knowledge sharing”. 

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