2025 Foundation Scholar Blog – Vincent Jan Cordenio

  • Vincent Jan Cordenio
  • 7 September 2020
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Formally established at the end of 2016, the 2025 Foundation aims to identify and support talented young people who would benefit from financial and other support to start to pursue a career in banking. The Foundation has been set up in anticipation of the Chartered Banker Institute’s 150th anniversary in 2025 and is aligned with the original aims of the Chartered Banker Institute - the promotion of education and development of young bankers entering the profession.

The Foundation’s aim is to open the opportunity to pursue a career in banking to those who would not otherwise have this opportunity or who would not otherwise consider such a career.

Hear first-hand from one of our scholar’s Vincent Jan Cordenio about their experience.

1. How do you feel about securing the support from the 2025 Foundation?

 Knowing that I have the support of the 2025 Foundation is fantastic and reassuring. I am honoured to be chosen as it shows me that I have the potential and that I bring something to the table to be given the chance to be part of a great organisation.  It's a significant step for me in terms of achieving my higher goals and aspirations and I am looking forward to being bold and ambitious.

2. What impact do you think it will have on your future/career?

From my viewpoint, the 2025 Foundation will have a profound influence on my potential prospects. It opened a myriad of doors that I would not have been able to access and allows me to immerse myself in pursuing the career that I want. The networking and opportunities made available to me is simply life-changing and will transform both my profession and future.

3. How did you find the process of applying for funding?

Applying for funding in my case was through an external partner, the Robertson Trust, however it was a very seamless transition. Meeting the representatives of the 2025 Foundation early in the process and learning about their values and mission was influential in showing me that this is an association I want to be part of.

4. Why do you think the 2025 Foundation is important?

The 2025 Foundation shines in terms of the quality support it gives to skilled individuals of under-represented backgrounds which I feel is a pivotal and progressive move in the right direction. It aims to always be involved and cooperative with its associates and I believe that this individual-centric basis has been key in my development so far.

 5. How important is it for you to have a mentor?

Having a mentor is priceless and invaluable and this is particularly evident to me as a student. We often find that we must be focused and careful with how we spend our time, and therefore having a mentor is a unique and amazing opportunity. It's important to me as it allows me to gain quality guidance and support from a trusted Institute member who has a wealth of experience behind them. Whether it be regarding career advice or life decisions, I consistently learn a great deal from my mentor, and it gives me a definitive advantage as I grow at an accelerated pace as a result.

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