Learning at Work Week 2022

  • 16 May 2022
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Learning at Work Week 2022 runs from 16th - 22nd May, with the theme of this year's campaign being 'Learning Uncovered'. 
What does Learning Uncovered mean? This year's campaign consists of three learning strands.
  • Uncover learning potential
  • Uncover hidden powers
  • Uncover new dimensions 
When we talk of 'uncovering learning potential' it essentially means removing existing barriers which make learning difficult. Is there a way to embed CPD into your organisations weekly schedule? Or Is there scope for resource sharing and motivating and inspiring others to start learning a new skill or develop an existing one?
How can we ensure that our own learning potential and that of our colleagues is being met? By collaborating, there is potential to tap into others' skillsets and learn more. Uncovering hidden skills can be achieved within your team by delivering workshops, job swapping and mentoring. 
The past two years have been a time of change and although this may be an unsettling feeling, it can also be a positive one. During this year's Learning at Work Week, try and challenge yourself to pinpoint any areas that you have wanted to learn more about but perhaps haven't felt confident in doing so before? Learning a new skill may seem like a daunting prospect, but if there is an opportunity to implement the first two-strand in some way this will make it easier to embed in your personal and organization's culture. 

The Campaign organisers summarize this as: 
"Lifelong learning helps us become more confident, curious, purposeful and skilled. It enriches us, bringing joy, connection and understanding of the world, enhancing wellbeing. By learning we can achieve personal aspirations and organisational goals, we can address and deal with challenges big and small. How can we build motivation and overcome our barriers to learning to make the most of what learning offers?"

The Chartered Banker Institute takes active measures to promote lifelong learning to all at every stage in their career, we have created a resource pack in support of this campaign. We hope that you enjoy reading, watching, and listening to the below resources, and if you would like to share your learning experience, please email [email protected] to find out more and how you can be involved. 
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