CB:PSB Progress Report 2015

  • 8 June 2015
  • CB:PSB

The CB:PSB – the industry-led initiative to develop, implement and sustain professional standards for individual bankers – publishes its 2015 Progress Report today, Monday 8 June. The Report highlights the progress made by the CB:PSB including member firms’ successful implementation of the Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers, the publication of the Leadership Standard for Professional Bankers and how professional standards can support the new regulatory rules and regimes.

“Over 185,000 bankers achieved the Foundation Standard in 2014 – 117,716 in the UK and an additionally 69,600 globally. That is an increase of 61% in the UK over 2013, and 156% taking account of global progress as well. The CB:PSB is committed to professionalising banking and these numbers speak volumes about the impact its having”. Progress Report 2015.