"Becoming Young Banker of the Year 2021 has completely changed my life"

  • 10 May 2023
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The Young Banker of the Year 2023 Competition launched at our Grand Final on Tuesday 21st March 2023. 

The challenge set for entrants is designed to test their capacity to generate new ideas, to drive innovation and deliver sustainable growth. This year contestants have been asked to develop a proposal in response to the following question: 

As a follow-up to Rosie’s blog last year, we caught up with Rosie around her experience of the Competition and how it has impacted her career. 

How did you find out about the Young Banker of the Year Competition?

I found out about the competition through an email. Our mentor at AIB, sent round a communication to the bank about the competition and if anyone was thinking of applying contact her. I had a little look, booked a chat in with her and then the rest is history! 

Has becoming Young Banker of the Year 2021 given you a platform to further your career and future goals? 

Becoming Young Banker of the Year 2021 has completely changed my life. It has given me the platform to talk about a topic very close to my heart and bring the change that is well and truly needed in the banking industry and beyond. I am now a UK Vulnerability Specialist at AIB which is amazing as now I get to do this type of work and more every single day, I absolutely love it! I also believe the platform I now have, which is forever growing, will help with my future goals. My future goals will always be around the domestic abuse field and what other initiatives can be created so individuals can rebuild their lives. 

What successes have you had since becoming Young Banker of the Year 2021, (specifically with AIB)?

The main successes I have had since becoming Young Banker of the Year 2021 is having my idea actually implemented. My idea ‘a Fairer Financial Future for Sufferers and Survivors of Domestic Abuse’ was very big. It was made up of 4 parts with the last one being to provide lending to those with poor credit due to no fault of their own, an initiative that’s never been done in banking. However, with the massive support I have in AIB, it was able to become a piolet for our existing customers and staff members. I still feel like I am dreaming! I can’t believe I did that. I have had lots of other successes including raising awareness, training staff, creating and updating our domestic abuse policies and creating procedures for our customers. 

What’s next in your career over the coming years?

In my current career, I would like to stay in the vulnerability sector. I love being able to make a difference in people's lives, it brings me so much happiness. I would like to work my way up, as I have done through my whole banking career and one day head up a department. I would like to stay in banking, but who knows. 

How important is it to encourage young women in the banking sector to apply for competitions such as YBOTY?

This is another topic really close to my heart. I believe that women do not put themselves forward to things like this, in fear of not being ‘good enough’. I know this because personally I felt the same way. I did not have a university degree; I didn’t know all the bank jargon and I just didn’t think I fitted in. But how wrong was I! I have been described as ‘one woman changes a banking industry’. If I can do it, any woman can!  

What advice would you give to anyone applying, or thinking about applying, for Young Banker of the Year 2023?

My main advice would be to just go for it. Whether you are unsure if your idea would win or not, just do it. If I had not put my idea forward and listened to myself thinking that my idea was not good enough, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Just hitting that apply button could potentially change your life forever. 



Following her great success since winning Young Banker of the Year 2021, we’re looking forward to everything Rosie will achieve in the coming years.

If you think you have an innovative idea or initiative to bring to the banking sector, head over to our Young Banker Hub and send in your application for our upcoming Young Banker of the Year 2023 Competition. Please ensure all applications are submitted before the deadline of Tuesday 16th May to avoid missing out. We look forward to hearing your ideas! 

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