Advocate Spotlight: Lauren Fuller

  • Lauren Fuller
  • 8 July 2021
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We recently met with Lauren Fuller, (Customer Journey Developer, NatWest Group) to discuss what inspired her to become a member of the Chartered Banker Institute. The following interview shares details of the many benefits she gained by undergoing this journey.

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I worked for NatWest Group (previously RBS Group) since October 2015. I am an energetic, ambitious qualified mortgage adviser who has a passion for financial innovation and sustainability to improve both customer and colleague experience. My current role as a customer journey developer includes the design and delivery of the digital bank of the future with accountability for the creation and delivery of all products and services required to meet the Customer Journey vision. 

I am continually looking for opportunities to digitise, improve and manage the customer journey to deliver increased customer value and effortless customer experiences including her current project working in the new Green Mortgage product development. As a 2019 finalist in the Chartered Banker Young Banker of the Year where I developed a solution to support customers use their EPC to improve their energy performance rating on their homes which is being taken forward by NatWest.

I also have a passion for Gender Balance and sits on the leadership team of the NatWest Group Gender Network where I lead the strategy committee.

What made you want to join the Membership forum in 2019?

I decided to join the membership forum to represent the institutes members’ views and ensure they are reflected in the direction and activities of the Institute. This has been key as one of a few young forum members and also female members. I applied to balance out the table. Another reason being, that I am also keen to support promoting the Institute and the benefits of membership within NatWest Group especially their work around Green Finance.

What have you learned from other members of the Institute?

I often highlight two key contributors through the institute as people who influenced my career and progress. David May: Chair of the Membership Forum who was also my sponsor for the Young Banker of the Year competition. David was a fantastic ally, mentor and connector for me early in my career and still continues to provide check ins and guidance when needed. The second is Joanne Murphy; COO of the Chartered Banker Institute who has always provided me with fantastic advice and opportunities including speaking at the Women in Business Expo. Joanne’s career experience and knowledge naturally appealed to me as someone I felt an affinity too. Meeting Joanne at Membership Forums is always a highlight of my year.

How important is networking to you?

Networking is really important to me and something I try to make every opportunity to do. Having a wide breadth of networks is key to having a really successful journey through the workplace.

Can you tell us more about your Young Banker of The Year experience and how it has shaped your outlook?

Taking the time to challenge myself is important and I had done so previously by taking part in internal bank programmes such as the Women’s Development Programme and Future Leader Competition. The Young Banker of the Year Competition was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new skills in taking a project through full discovery and design. This really set me up with a fantastic example for my interview as a customer journey developer. The competition also gave me SME status within mortgage climate work and have been working on green mortgages for the bank for over a year.

Overall, how would you describe being a part of the Institute?

I owe my career in the financial services industry to the Chartered Banker Institute. It started with the Chartered Banker Certificate which stopped me in my tracks to a career in the police force. Over five years later I'm still encouraging others to learn through the institute, increasing my knowledge using their resources and taking part in institute initiatives.

Watch Lauren talk about her experience with the Chartered Banker Institute in the video below.

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