Make a donation

You are able to make a donation via our online donation page, which can either be a one-off donation or you can choose to give on a monthly basis.

  • Members please click here to make a donation to the 2025 Foundation.
  • Non members please click here to make a donation to the 2025 Foundation.

If you would prefer to contact us directly to make a donation, please contact [email protected] .

Become a mentor

We are inviting Institute members with ten or more years’ banking experience to volunteer to mentor 2025 Foundation scholars. The Institute provides a range of online resources on mentoring and there will be more advice and guidance developed for the 2025 Foundation mentors and scholars in the coming months. We will also run workshops and events for 2025 Foundation supporters and scholars on mentoring that will help bring advice and guidance to life - as well as bringing together the current and future generations of professional bankers.

The benefits of participation

  • Every donation of money and/or time will contribute to the work of the foundation. The greatest benefit for a supporter will be knowing that you have assisted a young person in establishing a banking career that they might not have had otherwise. However, we also plan to recognise your assistance with:
  • A commemorative certificate.
  • Your name on our recognition wall and featured on our website.
  • Mentors will also be able to count the time they spend towards their annual CPD requirements.
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