CB:PSB Progress Report 2016

  • 26 May 2016
  • CB:PSB

The Progress Report highlights: How the CB:PSB is driving professionalism forward across the banking industry; The CB:PSB’s continuing journey to enhance customer confidence in every banker in every bank in the UK; and Progress towards the CB:PSB’s aims.

Nearly a quarter of a million individuals achieved the Foundation Standard for Professional Bankers  in 2015.  Over half of individuals working in the UK for CB:PSB firms have achieved the Foundation Standard - that’s 173,986 individuals. In addition, a further 72,000 individuals working globally for CB:PSB firms have met the Foundation Standard .  This marks an increase of 31% on the 2014 UK and global figure (187,316) and is a major milestone towards the CB:PSB’s aim of professionalising banking.