Professional Banker Diploma


The Professional Banker Diploma is the next step for many in developing their banking career. Building on the Professional Banker module from the Professional Banker Certificate, this opens up a range of wider banking disciplines for further study. The Professional Banker Diploma is ideal for individuals who have some banking experience, and is the next logical step for anyone who has attained credit through an Institute-accredited bank programme. The qualification offers a range of subjects, which allow learners to follow specific interests to match their career aspirations and tailor their knowledge requirements.

On completion of the Professional Banker Diploma learners will become a Certificated member of the Institute. This makes them eligible to use the the membership designation ‘CCBI’. They will also be eligible to use the professional designation ‘Certificated Professional Banker’. For those wishing to continue their professional studies with the Institute to gain chartered status, the next steps are the Associate Chartered Banker Diploma and the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age. 


Note: The Professional Banker Diploma is comprised of the Professional Banker Certificate 2019 (or an earlier version of the Professional Banker Certificate) and two Professional Banker Diploma modules.  The Professional Banker Certificate 2023 does not contribute to the Professional Banker Diploma. 

The Professional Banker Diploma remains available for learners who previously completed or are currently registered for the Professional Banker Certificate 2019 (or earlier version). 

Key facts
  • Modules are assessed by a two-hour online exam comprising 100 multiple choice questions, with a minimum pass mark of 60%. For the Green and Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk modules, they will be assessed by a 90-minute online exam, comprising 75 multiple choice questions.
  • Examinations can be taken at any one of our examination centres worldwide. Results will be available immediately.
  • Each module requires approximately 100 hours of learning (130 for Green Finance).
  • For each module, the registration is valid for 12 months. Learners are expected to sit and pass the examination within this time.
  • From 19 April 2023, members will now receive a digital certificate for this qualification via email usually within 5 days of successfully being awarded the qualification. To find out more about the new digital certificates, click here
  • The Professional Banker module costs £360. Each further module of study towards PBD costs £280, except for the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk, which are £625. The module fee includes your course materials and your first exam entry fee. Exam resits cost £145 per module.
  • In order to study the Professional Banker Diploma you must become a member of the Institute. An annual Student subscription fee of £33.00 will be payable upon registration.
  • With the exception of Team Leadership, all students will have access to a digital version of the workbook.  

1 Students studying Team Leadership can choose to have either online e-book OR hard copy of the book; and will have access to an online Study Guide.




To achieve the Professional Banker Diploma you must complete the Professional Banker Certificate and two further modules.  You do not necessarily have to complete the Certificate first, although we would recommend doing so, as it acts as an effective introduction to the course content.

Please note that the enrolment period for each module is 12 months. We therefore recommend learners do not apply for all their modules at once and consider studying for one or two modules only, during a 12-month period.

Download the module specification for further information: 

Compulsory module:

Optional modules: 


Note: To achieve the Professional Banker Diploma, you must complete the 2019 or earlier version of the Professional Banker Certificate and two further modules.   


Am I Eligible?

Yes, if:

  • you have successfully completed the Professional Banker Certificate (PBC) and wish to further your studies.


  • you already have some banking experience. For example, you may have credit through an Institute accredited bank programme or have studied with another professional body.

If you are interested in studying towards the Professional Banker Diploma (PBD) you should also discuss with your line manager or learning & development contact to see whether training you have already completed may provide credit into the PBD programme. You should also discuss whether you might be eligible for funding by your employer.


You will be given a comprehensive workbook for each Professional Banker Diploma (PBD) module. You will also be given access to the Institute’s website where you can find more online support.

Students will be supplied with a PDF version of the study material

Case studies

I have found customers are more comfortable when they see that they are being looked after by someone who has taken the time to undertake professional examinations. “On a personal level, it has raised my profile within the bank and I have received recognition from senior management for the achievements I have made while undertaking the exams.

Stacey Dunseith, Local Support Manager, TSB