Diploma in Green and Sustainable Finance


The Diploma in Green and Sustainable Finance combines core banking principles and practice with those of green and sustainable finance. By studying the Diploma banking professionals will build the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the collective challenge of climate-related risks. 

The Diploma has been updated to include the latest version of our Green and Sustainable Finance (2023) e-learning.

The Diploma aims to:

  • Develop the learner's knowledge, understanding and skills relating to green and sustainable finance and those relating to the business of banking in a digital age;
  • Provide an overview of, and introduction to, the underpinning science, principles and practice of the field;
  • Increase the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the range of green and sustainable products and services in the banking, investment and insurance sectors;
  • Increase awareness of the role of the finance sector and finance professionals in supporting the transition to a low-carbon world.
  • Integrates core banking principles and practice with learning about the forces that are transforming the way we bank; 
  • Examine how banks are responding to meeting the changing expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive environment; 
  • How sustainable banking is changing what it means to be a professional in banking. 

Key facts
  • The Diploma consists of two modules: Professional and Responsible Banking in a Digital Age and Green and Sustainable Finance;  
  • Guided self-study supported by a wide range of interactive e-learning units and knowledge checks;
  • Modules are assessed by an online examination, conducted via remote invigilation; 
  • Each module can be completed in as little as 12 weeks. Registration lasts for 1 year, so you can also work through at your own pace;
  •  The Diploma costs £920 per candidate,  including all learning materials and the first sitting of your exam;
  • In order to study the Diploma in Green and Sustainable Finance you must become a member of the Institute. An annual subscription fee of £30.00 will be payable upon registration as part of the enrolment fees. Upon completing the first module, learners will become Certificated members of the Institute and the subscription fee is £60.00. 
  • From 5 April 2023, members will now receive a digital certificate for this qualification via email usually within 5 days of successfully being awarded the qualification. To find out more about the new digital certificates, click here.
  • Upon completion, learners will be entitled to use the designation Green and Sustainable Finance Professional.

 To achieve the Diploma in Green and Sustainable Finance you must complete two modules: 

Green and Sustainable Finance

  • Introduces green and sustainable finance in the context of retail, commercial and wholesale banking, central and development banks, insurance and investment sectors;
  • Includes materials from our newly updated Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance for 2023;
  • Covers the science of climate change and the role of the financial system in the natural world;
  • Global, international and national policy, regulatory and industry responses to support flows of finance for sustainable growth;
  • Identifying, disclosing and reporting climate-related financial risks, and other environmental and sustainability risks;
  • Introduces key sustainable finance frameworks/principles (e.g. UN SDGs, PRI/PRB, TCFD, Green Bond and Green Loan Principles;
  • Supporting customers in their transition to sustainability;
  • Overview of green and sustainable FinTech;
  • Ethical dimensions of green and sustainable finance, and the role of Green and Sustainable Finance Professionals
  • Green and Sustainable Finance Module Specification. pdf


 Professional and Responsible Banking in a Digital Age

Develops understanding and appreciation of the banking sector, critical to effective performance. Topics studied include:

Am I Eligible?
There are no formal entry requirements, however, you must be willing to put in the necessary study hours. No prior knowledge of the green and sustainable finance sector is assumed.

The Diploma is delivered online via the Institute’s Learning Management System, which enables learners to access the learning materials anywhere, anytime. Resources include;

  • An interactive workbook for core reading and learning activities;
  • An updated Green and Sustainable Finance Principles and Practice, the world’s first Practitioner Guide;
  • Case studies and online resources, including videos;
  • Recommended further reading;
  • Interactive e-learning modules;
  • Online knowledge checks with feedback on responses to enhance learning.