Certificate in Bank Risk Management


This Certificate is designed to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills relating to bank risk management in a digital age, considering the types of risk that arise from the nature of banking, the trends that are shaping emerging risks, and the implications of these for the future of bank risk management. You will develop your ability to view risk holistically across the bank, identify and manage risk within the context of your own role, and think ahead and prepare for the future.

You will also enhance your understanding of what it takes to build an effective risk culture that supports the bank’s strategy and values and where decisions are made in line with the bank’s risk appetite.


The Certificate in Bank Risk Management contributes to the Professional Banker Diploma when combined with Professional Banker Certificate 2019 and a second Professional Banker Diploma module.  The Professional Banker Certificate has been updated for 2023 and is available to study from 31 August 2023.  Learners who would like to continue their studies in order to attain the Professional Banker Diploma, must register for the Professional Banker Certificate 2019 before 14 August 2023

Key facts
  • Bank Risk Management is assessed by a 6,000-word work-based assignment designed to transform theory into practice and ensure a close fit between professional qualification and business need
  • Bank Risk Management has six units
  • Blended learning approach with core reading, online resources, and an interactive, online Study Guide to support learning
  • Upon completion you will become a Certificated member
  • 12 months to complete 
  • From 19 April 2023, members will now receive a digital certificate for this qualification via email usually within 5 days of successfully being awarded the qualification. To find out more about the new digital certificates, click here
  • The Certificate costs £1,295 and includes your study text, as well as your first assignment submission fee. Assignment resubmissions cost £120
  • In order to study the Certificate in Bank Risk Management you must become a member of the Institute. An annual subscription fee of £66 will become payable upon registration
  • If you wish to study further with us, credits attained can be used towards the Advanced Diploma in Banking and Leadership in a Digital Age.



Download the Certificate specification for more information below.

Am I Eligible?
  • There are no entry requirements for the Certificate in Bank Risk Management.
  • an interactive study guide in pdf format
  • text books and online resources for core reading
  • recommended further reading and resources