Managing Teams Remotely

  • 23 February 2023
  • Webinar
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Edinburgh, Lothians & Fife District Centre event

Steve Packwood has managed teams of varying sizes in many different countries. From being on Board the OM ship, Logos Hope, across Europe and the Caribbean with a team of 45, frequently turning over every 2 years, to warehouse distribution teams - Steve has faced many facets of management including the ups and downs of managing a team. He now manages a small team across the UK, visiting partners and projects and managing donor relations.

In this chat we will converse about his varied career and learn from Steve’s experiences the lessons he has learnt about managing teams remotely, the differences and challenges this creates.

There will also hopefully be time for questions and some discussion on the topics raised.


Steve is currently the Partner Generosity Director with the charity OM, Operation Mobilisation. He has had a varied career history of working on ships around the world, running multi-million-pound distribution business as well as many years with Royal Bank of Scotland.

In Royal Bank of Scotland, he started in retail before moving to Head Office Retail Support managing the sales processes in lending. Steve then moved to project management and fraud prevention for 3 years. Through his management of the team they managed to reduce losses from first party fraud by over 50%.

Steve is married to Heather and has two children and two dogs. He is constantly travelling, including a trip to OM’s project in Poland earlier this year to support refugees fleeing from Ukraine.

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Thursday 23rd February 2023

18:30 - 19:30 GMT

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